Contune International Corporation Limited is registered in Hongkong. It is a comprehensive solution provider in electrical field, as well as a professional manufacturer of electrical products. The business of Contune Intl is based on design, research, development, production and services of electrical products and their related non-standardized and customized testing machines/equipments.

With factory in east China mainland and sub office and agents in major seaport cities in China,we maintain cooperation with manufacturers of electrical products, reasearch institutions of governments, engineering companies, projectors from China and clients overseas from Russia, America, Brizil, Australia, Germany, Greece, South Africa, Philippines and etc.

Our main business covers:

– Testing&Experiments Equipments for electrical insulators    >>More

Facility to perform mechanical test on high voltage insulators

 – High voltage insulators    >>More

– OH line fittings    >>More

Overhead line accessories

Years of experience on design, development, engineering,sales and support of electrical products testing facilities has enable us to become a comprehensive enterprise but merely a manufacturer. The sound quality and quick response service has earned reputation from clients. Either in China or in world market, contune international is gratually acknowledged and accepted. Now contune international has a group of experienced engineers and workers for research, production, maintainance and after-sales support.

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