Crimping machine is applied in production line of high voltage composite insulator (polymer insulator) to crimping metallic end fittings to FRP of insulator. Model 140 is available for insulator with voltage up to 220KV

General Details

Crimping machine is used to crimp the metal fittings of high voltage insulators during insulator production process. It is used in production line of polymer insulator. With high pressure from hydraulic power force, crimping machine press the metallic fitting from all direction and make the metal fittings well attached to the fiber glass rod of composite insulators.

This crimping machine is necessary for manufacturer of composite insulator. With this crimping machine Model.C-140, composite insulator of different type, including pin type polymeric insulator, post type polymeric insulator,suspension polymeric insulator, tension polymeric insulator (long rod insulator) can be crimped with this machine, voltage of which can be from 11KV up to 220KV.


  1. Modern design philosophy
    Designed with “Soft crimping” theory, it has function of slow crimping and pressure holding function and it’s capable to set pressure by different section, which assure best crimping quality. This function is owned by Contune Intl and its collaborating factory only, effect of which are particularly obvious on insulator of high mechanical load.
  2. Double control to achieve best crimping quality
    Both crimping quantity and crimping force are used to control crimping quality. So under same condition, this machine can achieve crimping effect with maximum tensile load and minimum discreteness, which largely solves the bad effect caused by different hardness of ball and socket fitting, improves the effect of crimping.
  3. Higher speed, higher efficiency
    With special optimization by Contune Intl, this machine is faster than average product from other supplier, enabling manufacturer to have higher efficiency in their production.

For higher level voltage of insulator, please refer to another type “crimping machine 165” by clicking “Related products” lable above.



Technical Info
Model. CTCPM-140
Manufacturer Contune International Co.,Ltd
Max crimping diameter 202mm
Max opening diameter 215mm
Length of main crimping module 97mm
Pressing force 3200kN
Crimp frequency 1000 times/hour
Noise level 69dB
Power consumption 5.6kW
Power supply 380V , 50Hz

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