Quality Control

– Raw Material Selection (Porcelain insulator)

Contune International has strict policy for product quality control.  With essential background investigation for buer&seller can largely reduce the risk and problems during our cooperation with clients.Instead of persuing extremely cheap products,we aim at providing cost-efficient products for our clients based on the line that all products are inspected and tested accordingly.

From the very beginning section raw material selection to producing technics ,till item are taken to ex-works tests and packing,contune intl cares about every aspect and details for customers concern.

– Standard Applied

The ceramic insulator:  mostly accroding to ANSI  standard C.29 with all required aspects.

Polymeric insulators : conform with IEC standard 60383 61109.

Metallic Fittings: Mainly follow IEC standard for transmission line and distribution line.

– Tests of insulators

Type Test: Type tests are done by thiry party labs which are ackonwledeged as Chinese national laboratory,mainly from Beijing and Wuhan.

Factory Acceptance Test / Routine Test: All products supplied by Contune International Corp are tested before coming out from workshop,including visual inspection,electrical-mechanical tests of 50% SML.

Sample Test: Samples are ramdomly pick out from mass production and sent into lab for full electrical and mechanical test on professional devices. Higher voltage and mechanical load are applied to samples till they break to see limitation of the product and make sure products will not fail under real circumstance.



Contune Intl offer more than products.Our service is one of the important aspects that differ us from ordinary Chinese company.

– Design / Research / Development:
Contune International invest great sum of funds every year on research, design, development to improve our testing machine products to enchance user experience.

– Logistic and Insurance Covering
With stable and long term collabration with insurance company PICC and shipping company,we provide safe and cost-effective solution to clients on goods transportation. From packing in workshop,  inland delivery to ocean/air freight,our consideration covers all the way long to ensure products are well received by end user. The cost is also lower than those solutions from single delivery business in buyer’s country.

– Free Online Technical Support

We provide online support of insulator testing equipments and insulator production equipments via chatting tools, telephone and e-mails. Any question during usage of our testing facilities are free to inquiry and customers’ request will be well noted and solved.

– Free Software Update
We have been improving our software of insulator testing machine to achieve even better performance, most easy operation and highest efficiency. Software updates will be duly tested and released to our user for free.