About Contune International Corp

Contune International Corp Limited is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier in electrical field.

Our key products are testers for electrical insulators,production machines for insulators which are widely used by manufacturers of polymeric insulator, ceramic insulator, glass insulator in China, Russia, Brazil, Europe and south-east Aisa.

As electrical insulator itself is an important item in overhead power lines, strict technical tests are necessary both in production process and inspection. Our testing machines are designed into different purpose and function according to specific technical requirements defined in IEC, ANSI and other industrial standards.

Our Products

We are manufacturing and supplying below products
  1. Insulator Tester
    Testing machines applied for perform mechanical test and electrical test on electrical high voltage insulator and its basic material.
  2. Insulator Production Machine
    Production machines are used for manufacturing electrical insulator production line. Like crimping machine, vulcanizing machine, injection machine and marking machine for polymeric insulator.
  3. Composite Insulator
    Composite insulator is also known as polymeric insulator. It is used for insulation of electricity, isolating conductors from metal poles and other items.

Our Vision

We commit to machinery of electrical field, aiming to build the best brand of testing machine and production machine. In the past years our products have gain high praise from power grids in more than 13 province in China, national laboratories from Bejing and dozens of major manufacturers of insulators, bushings, conductors, metallic fittings and other line accessories. Our machines are also exported to overseas market, where there are lots of factories like Brazil, Russia, Southeast Asia and etc. With stable performance and optimized design, these machines are widely accepted and still in good condition.
Our Team

What we have acheived by 2019?

70Market share in China for test machines and production machines of HV insulators
450Machines sold for International market
39Countries covered

Brief History of Our Company

September 2019
Users of HV insulator testing equipment in Indonesia continue to grow.
November 2019
Occupying 70% market share in Chinese domestic market on test equipment and production facilities of high voltage insulators
February 2017
Upraged machines of production line for composite insulators has been welcomed by Indian insulator manufacturers
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March, 2016
Products series updated with newly developed and optimized technology which enchance stability and performance of existed products and expanded span of machines for electrical industry
January, 2016
Fully capable for self-design, develop and manufacturing composite insulator from 11KV up to 220KV including all common type, cost and quality of which are under even better control
March, 2015
Deepen collaboration with leading and reputed machine manufacturer Zibo Qianheng Automation in China, bringing clients more profits: lower price, more technical support in machinery production and electrical insulators
May, 2013
Established and using individual company name Contune International Co.,Ltd and brand “Contune” to be more flexible in adapting international market for section of small bidding,  retail agent and other issues
May, 2009
Manufacturer of testing machine dedicated to mechanical and electrical tests of overhead line insulators, line fittings (accessories) and conductors

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