February 13, 2015

Tensile testing machine for HV insulator,wires,cables and chains

Insulator Machine: Insulator tensile testing machine

(Also known as insulator tensile tester/tensile machine/tension test machine/tension tester/pulling machine /insulator strain machine/tensile tester for high voltage electrical insualtor)

What is “insulator tensile testing machine” (insulator tensile tester)

Insulator tensile testing machine is designed to perform mechanical property tests (tensile tests) of various types of steel wires, cables, chains, electrical devices, insulators and insulating materials. It’s also available for mechanical property tests on other specimen with long shape. Design and production comply with standard GB/T1001.1—2003 “OH line insulator with nominal voltage over 1000V”.

Model of insulator tensile testing machine:

We currently have 5 standard models with max load of 300kN, 500kN, 1000kN, 2000kN and 3000kN.

Range and accuracy of force of insulator tensile testing machine(insulator tensile tester):

This testing machine has a valid measuring load range from 5% to 100% FS,covering almost all types of commen insulators of IEC and ANSI standard. From composite insulator and disc insulator with mechanical load of 70kN (known as U70B in IEC and 52 series in ANSI) , to 120kN long rod polymeric insulator, or even up to 160kN and 400kN (often required in high voltage transmission line up to 330kV), all these insulators can be tested with this machine in a very high accuracy of ±1%.

tension&compression testing machine for insulator,cable and chains

Means of control on insulator tensile testing machine(insulator tensile tester):

The insulator tensile testing machine has 2 means of control,automatic control and manual control.

In automatic control mode, the machine is controlled by computer. All commands and values are preset in the program and it runs automatically.

Manual control mode is also available. Testers can control the procedure with oil valve manually. These 2 means has made this testing machine quite flexible in performing tensile tests on specific demand.
Tensile test machine

Function of insulator tensile testing machine (insulator tensile tester)

As it is designed specifically for electrical products, the function is also optimized for tests in international standard of IEC,ANSI,DIN and etc.

For example,the force can be increased to a certain level within a certain time as preset, withstand for a period of time and then go on to increase the force till the specimen breaks. This is a common test to check mechanical load of electrical products like insulators, conductors and cables.

Curve and value in number will be displayed on screen during the entire procedure. Results can be restored, printed, recalled and compared,which makes tests very convenient to perform.

metal chains tester
metal chains tensile tester

Technical support for insulator tensile testing machine (insulator tensile tester)

We have been improving our testing equipments in the past year to make them even more practical, stable and convenient, not only in mechanical structure, but also the controlling software. Free software update is provided if new version is available.

Tensile Testing machine for insulator and conductor
iron chain testing machine,iron chain pulling machine,iron chain tension tester
wire testing machine,wire pulling machine,wire tension tester
wire tension machine,wire tensile tester


Máquina de teste de tração

Machine d'essai de traction

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