Insulator testing machines

Machines and devices to perform electrical tests and mechanical tests on electrical insulators,cables and fittings

Difference between polymer insulators and porcelain insulators

Insulators are important items in electrical power lines, they are widely used in all circuits and electrical or electronic systems to isolate electricity between two conductive materials. What we talk about today are polymer insulators and porcelain insulators applied on high voltage overhead lines. What’s the difference between polymer insulators and porcelain insulators? First of […]

Insulator testing machines

What machines are needed for 11kV polymer insulator production line?

Polymer insulators are important electrical items in electrical power overhead transmission, distribution, and substation lines. They provide reliable insulation between cables and iron towers, or between conductors and connecting fittings like clamps so that the electricity can be transmitted safely. With the global growth of the electrical industry, more and more people smell the potential […]

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Test of sheds and sheath material of composite insulator

Composite insulator’s shed and sheath are be made of high temperature vulcanizing (HTV) type silicone rubber, having silicone polymer content by weight 30% minimum. Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) is used as a filler. The filler is properly mixed with silicone compounds to ensure uniform distribution. The thickness of the sheath shall be a minimum of 3 […]

Insulator testing machines, Polymer insulators

Content of IEC 61284:1997 Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings

International standard IEC 61284:1997 “Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings” has defined requirements and test methods of electrical fittings (line hardware) for overhead lines. The complete IEC standard includes English and French language version, it’s too long and a little difficult for quick explore. Here we quote the content of IEC 61284 for […]

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Routine tests of composite insulator with voltage greater than 1000V in IEC 61109 2008

Last time we talked about sample test of silicone composite insulator for AC system above 1KV, the IEC 61109:2008 has defined it clearly. Today let’s the coming section”routine test” of polymeric insulator in this IEC 61109: 13 Routine tests 13.1 Mechanical routine test Every insulator shall withstand, at ambient temperature, a tensile load at RTL […]

Insulator testing machines, Polymer insulators