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CE certficate approved for crimping machines

With regard to our expansion to the European market of high voltage industry, one of our key products “Crimping machine” has been approved by EU. An EU Declaration of Conformity, which is also called a CE Certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity, or CE Declaration of Conformity) is the document confirming that the product complies with […]

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Production Line of 33KV insulators in Algeria

Algeria, a country covering 2,381,741 square km in Africa, and the largest nation in Africa too, is seeking the opportunity of development in the electricity industry. With the rapid growth of demand for electricity, some merchants smell the potential fortune in self-supplying electrical components, such as high voltage polymeric insulators. In recent years, more and […]

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Difference between polymer insulators and porcelain insulators

Insulators are important items in electrical power lines, they are widely used in all circuits and electrical or electronic systems to isolate electricity between two conductive materials. What we talk about today are polymer insulators and porcelain insulators applied on high voltage overhead lines. What’s the difference between polymer insulators and porcelain insulators? First of […]

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Power meters new products published

Our company has started cooperation with LS electron ltd on smart meters. These include smart power meters and smart water meters. The most significant feature of these new products is that both smart power meters and water meters are embedded with IoT (Internet of Things) technology. This modern technology helps users to save time and […]

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Test equipment of insulators in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a developing country in South Asia, a close neighbor of China, and a country with a growing demand for electricity in recent years. As a large quantity of electrical components is imported into Bangladesh for the construction of power lines, the test of these high voltage components becomes more and more vital. In […]

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Upgrade of crimping machine: more function, better appearance

With the world’s recovery from COVID-19 epidemic situation, manufacturers of composite insulators become active again. The first batch of upgraded polymer insulator crimping machines is about to go overseas to India Hyderabad. In the first half of this year, we have been dedicated to R&D of new appearance and optimized function of current testing machines […]

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Alternatives solution of External Insulation for EHV and UHV Bushings

Different housings are available these days for the external insulation of EHV and UHV bushings. These include: porcelain, which may or may not also be coated with RTV silicone material to improve pollution performance; hybrid housings consisting of a porcelain core with a polymeric housing; and a composite housing based on an internal FRP tube […]

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