October 18, 2021

Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring System online

We have established cooperation with a local electronic company on solar PV monitoring systems. This monitoring system helps users know real-time data and the working conditions of their solar panels. It displays key data such as current power consumption, total power consumption, power generated by solar panels, real-time/daily/monthly/yearly statistics and etc. With these data, users of solar panels can easily manage their power plants on PC or mobile devices.

There is one more important feature of this Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring System, it has a self-built network.  This means the PV monitoring system can exceed the limit of telecom base stations. In previous solutions of solar PV system monitoring, suppliers may use GSM/GPRS/LTE networks from local telecom companies to transfer the data from the sensors to the endpoint. While our newly developed PV monitoring system doesn’t need this at all. Its own network can be applied on distributed solar panels in urban areas, mountains, or anywhere that 4G signals are not well covered.

With this network, it saves tremendous investment on sim cards and maintenance costs for buyers. In traditional solutions, the data flow from the sim cards is charged periodically and each DTU (Data Transfer Unit) shall have one. The system user should pay endlessly to the local telecom supplier. Once stops, their surveillance system goes down. In our new solution, these are all unneeded.

What’s more, it uses wireless transfer with low power consumption and long-distance anti-interference properties. It also has AES-128 encryption to ensure security.

We believe this new solution for the solar PV systems is a Gospel for those who are tired of high costs and unstable network connections. We will later post this product on our product showcase.

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