About Us

Who are we?

Contune International Corp Limited is a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronics in China.

What is our business range?

We offer solutions to clients on the electrical power industry, including a full set solution of establishing electrical testing laboratory, helping manufacturers to build production lines of high voltage insulators, fittings and etc. or we directly produce composite insulators and export to overseas market with technical support.

What is your key products?

Our key products are production machines and test machines of insulators for overhead transmission lines and power substations, which are widely used by manufacturers of the polymeric insulators, ceramic insulators, glass insulators , as well as electrical labs of power grids.

What can your products do?

Our test equipment helps the user to do the test to their insulators, surge arrestors, line fittings from the material stage to final complete product so that we can know and control the quality on every step. While production machines help insulator manufacturers to fabricate their insulators with high efficiency and reasonable cost.

As an electrical insulator itself is an important item in overhead power lines, strict technical tests are necessary both in the production process and inspection. Our testing machines are designed into different purposes and functions according to specific technical requirements defined in IEC, ANSI, and other industrial standards.

Are you a manufacturer or a dealer? Where is your factory?

We are a manufacturer. Our factory locates in the Shandong province of China mainland. The nearest seaport Qingdao enables us to ship commodities to all ports around the world. We also have collaborating factories in other places in China to assist us in providing turn-key projects to our clients.

Who are you collaborating with nationally and internationally?

Our products have entered the majority of insulator manufacturers in China and high voltage electrical laboratories which are established by local power grids of more than 30 different provinces, as well as the national electrical lab in Bejing which is regarded as the top authority in the electrical field.

Internationally, we have been in cooperation with foreign countries early since 2011. Our equipment were used in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, in East Asia like India, in Europe like Russia Federation, in American continent like USA, Mexico, even in Africa like Tanzania.
They choose us not only because of the wide range of our equipment that covers as per IEC but also on consideration of quality, stability, reputation in the past, maintenance cost in long term and good services of commercial and technical.

Our Vision

We aim to build a hundred-years enterprise, a famous brand locally and internationally, with good reputation of products, services and social image. We are take steady steps to improving our hardware and management system, which ensures us to grow annually.

Our Team

What Contune Intl have acheived by mid 2021?

70Percent of market share occupied by Contune International Corp in China for test machines and production machines of HV insulators of all materials including silicone rubber insulator, ceramic insulators and glass disc insulators
450Machines sold for International market and it’s still growing every week
39Countries covered from major continent like Asia, Europe, South-America, Africa

Brief History of Our Company

20 September 2022

Production equipment “crimping machine” of polymer insulator CTCPM-140AS enters Turkey market with CE approved.

30 9 2021

The new product comes online: Smart Power Meters / Water Meters with IoT technology.

12 March 2020

Establish cooperation with one of the biggest Indian manufacturer of polymer insulator in crimping machines

12 March 2020

Tensile test machine enters the Australian market.

4 December 2019

Help a Tanzanian company to build the first production line of 36kV polymer insulators in East Africa, including the QC system

September 2019

Users of HV insulator testing equipment in Indonesia continue to grow.

November 2018

Occupying 70% market share in Chinese domestic market on test equipment and production facilities of high voltage insulators

February 2017

Upraged machines of production line for composite insulators has been welcomed by Indian insulator manufacturers

March, 2016

Products series updated with newly developed and optimized technology which enchance stability and performance of existed products and expanded span of machines for electrical industry

January, 2016

Fully capable for self-design, develop and manufacturing composite insulator from 11KV up to 220KV including all common type, cost and quality of which are under even better control

March, 2015

New workshops are built, production facilities are upgraded,bringing clients more profits: lower price, more technical support in machinery production and electrical insulators

May, 2013

Established and using individual company name Contune International Co.,Ltd and brand “Contune” to be more flexible in adapting international market for section of small bidding,  retail agent and other issues

May, 2009

Manufacturer of testing machine dedicated to mechanical and electrical tests of overhead line insulators, line fittings (accessories) and conductors


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