Attitudes & Social responsibilities

What is your attitude toward the balance between quality and price?

We focus more on the quality rather than just the price. This includes but not limited to the quality of material used, advanced and modern technics used during the production, the capability of improving design and innovation of functions that make our products state-of-art, after-sales on multi-perspective that bring convenience to our clients and help our clients cut the maintenance cost.

The price of our products and services may not be the lowest, but we are pursuing the best cost-performance and stability for our clients in the long run.

What is your opinion of the environment and humanity for an enterprise?

On these points, we keep pace with modern ideology that environment protection is very essential and important, especially for an enterprise of production in China.
We have taken many measures to do so, by selecting green materials that produce less harmful gas and contaminated water or solid wastes. Also, we have improved our manufacturing technology to provide a cleaner and safer environment for our staff.

Although these actions may increase our cost to some extent and inevitably increase the price of our sales, we think it’s worthy.

What other social responsibilities have you taken?

Promote effective implementation of environmental protection law

We take part in social charity activities positively. Every year, we organize our staff to plant trees voluntarily, not only around our workshop but also in other areas where green plants are needed. We strictly obey the environment protection laws of China and promote the effect of real practice on our enterprises and individuals in our city.

Creation of job opportunities and help people on further education

We have created hundreds of job opportunities, directly and indirectly, helping local people to gain better lives. We particularly encourage the staff from rural areas who haven’t received good education to continue their study at work and in leisure, to attend academic courses and pass exams and get a higher education degree certificate, which matters a lot in China. A good education degree will help them to be admitted better by the social majority, either working in our factory or in others.

In a place hundreds of miles away from our factory, we also set up a farm, providing jobs and guiding local farmers there to plant crops more scientifically and more economically.

Substantial and psychological support to our staff

In our factory, we offer sufficient working protection measures and medical care to our people, and psychological cares too when they meet trouble.

To us, all our staff is like family members, we unite as one.