Our Products

Swing Tester for Suspension Clamps ABC cable

The swing test for ABC cable fitting suspension clamps is a mechanical endurance test. It's for ABC fittings under a continuous swinging testing environment.

Rubber injection molding machine

Rubber injection molding machine is a production for composite insulators, injecting silicon rubber into molds to make polymeric housing of composite insulators

Zinc thickness test device

Zinc thickness test device is a portable test equipment for zinc coating thickness of metallic fitting of high voltage insulators.

Thermal shock testing machine

Thermal shock test for ceramic disc insulators as per IEC 60383 Clause 15.1 in heated air and cold water with temperature deviation of 50K.

Water diffusion test device for FRP core

The water diffusion test device is to test the leakage current and withstand property of the FRP/ECR core of composite insulators under AC voltage after boiling in salty water. This test is defined and required in the IEC standard for tests of composite insulators.

Silicone rubbr material for 33KV polymer insulators

Silicon rubber is the material of the external insulation of polymer insulators. This silicon rubber material is for 33kV OHTL polymer insulators.

Anti Spy Detector for hidden camera,GPS trackers

Anti Spy Detector is a very useful detecting device for GPS trackers, hidden cameras, wireless audio bugs and many other forms of surveillance devices. Users may carry in hand with travel or living in a hotel or Airbnb to check if there are hidden cameras or other spying devices for security inspection.

33kV Composite Pin Insulators

33KV composite pin insulators are used on 33KV high voltage overhead power distribution lines. These pin insulators are made by FRP core, silicon rubber, and metallic fittings. On the bottom side of the fitting, it is where we call pin, the pin has a screw which is used to fix the insulator onto the cross-arm. On header fitting, it usually has a groove shape to fix conductors.


Crimping machine is applied in the production line of high voltage composite insulators. The model no.CTCPM-140 is available for insulators with voltage from 11kV to 33kV, including all types of composite insulators.