March 14, 2022

Production Line of 33KV insulators in Algeria

Algeria, a country covering 2,381,741 square km in Africa, and the largest nation in Africa too, is seeking the opportunity of development in the electricity industry.

With the rapid growth of demand for electricity, some merchants smell the potential fortune in self-supplying electrical components, such as high voltage polymeric insulators. In recent years, more and more Algerian companies are investigating the possibility of building an insulator factory on their own land. If someone ever succeeds, the first one who bites the bread will undoubtedly become the winner in the future.

Although Algerians made some efforts and got some technical solutions, they are still facing difficulties. Not only the investment required in establishing the first production line of polymer insulators, but also the lack of technology and experience.

Since 2015, our company has answered dozens of inquiries from Algeria about how to build a production line of 33KV insulators. As a professional manufacturer of production facilities and testing equipment of insulators, we have helped tens of insulator manufacturers in China and abroad, such as in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, and Tanzania. Moreover, we are the limited company in China that can provide comprehensive technical support in machines supply, technology transfer, as well as strong language support for both French and English.

We believe Algerian people will one day make out the first step and have their first own modern factory of polymeric insulators.

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