September 20, 2022

CE certficate approved for crimping machines

With regard to our expansion to the European market of high voltage industry, one of our key products “Crimping machine” has been approved by EU.

An EU Declaration of Conformity, which is also called a CE Certificate, EC Declaration of Conformity, or CE Declaration of Conformity) is the document confirming that the product complies with the applicable CE marking directives & regulations.

The approved crimping machine model numbers include:

  • CTCPM-140AS
  • CTCPM-165
  • CTCPM-170

The above 3 models of crimping machines serve for the production of different polymer insulators with different levels. For example, CTCPM-140AS is usually applied to the production of 11-33KV silicon rubber (polymeric) tension insulators and pin insulators. Its biggest crimping diameter is 140mm. While other 2 types have bigger opening diameter, and bigger crimping force, which enable users to crimp insulators from 66KV up to 400KV polymer insulators, especially post insulators with big flange.

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