July 6, 2022

Combined Electrical&Mechanical Test on insulators

Combined Electrical & Mechanical Test is an important test on high voltage porcelain disc insulators. In ANSI and IEC requirements, the disc insulator is mounted in a tensile testing machine with both ends connected. On the both ends, there is a voltage applied.

This artical is embedded with a video of Combined Electrical & Mechanical Test (also called M&E test). The test is carried out in some lab in China.

In this video, you may see the control panel of the tester with a screen. In the screen, there is live value of voltage in KV and tensile strength in KN. The graphic also shows in curve shape how the voltage and tensile strength rise till the insulator sample breaks.

Combined M & E test on ceramic disc insulators in China

If embeded video doesn’t play, you may click below link in youtube:

In the first stage of the test, the voltage rises from 0 to set point. When it reaches the preset value, the voltage remains and test enters the second stage.

In the second stage, the mechanical tensiel test, which applied on both ends of the disc insulator with fittings, rises to preset point.

In the third stage, the tensile strength keep on increasing till the sample insualtor breaks.

The peak value and test procedure are recoreded by the controlling software. User can generat the result into a report and export to an external storage device, like a USB flash. User may also add some leadhead to the report, or customize self-defined data manually to make the report look more pretty.

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