Our culture


Contune International Corporation Ltd is aiming to provide best service and experience to our clients. Since establishment, we have located ourselves as an comprehensive supplier, more than just manufacutring, we have been persuing the most convenient solution for we who come to us.

Regarding the competition envrionment in China today, we choose to offer quality-based products rather than giving extremely low prices. That is to say, to seek the balance point among price,cost and quality is really a significant task to do.

The best way to grow for an enterprise is never about offering lower prices than competitors but it’s about knowing what we can do and what we cannot and to enchance the capapblity of creation, innovation on technology as well as concentration on customer-based services.

Take our testing machines as an example, we are not offering “the machine” with basic function like tensile load test or thermo-mechanical function like temperature cycling. We are also attach all necessay tools and anything that may needed during the testing process. Thus, our testing machine for insulators include the host with function, controlling computer and screen, controlling software which is applicable to define the test procedure , and what’s more we are also give connection tools like ball & socket couplings or tongue & clevis couplings with different dimension and even replaceable spareparts for machines with easy-worn parts. For countries with different industrial voltage, we even offer a power convertor too. All we did is to make sure that user could use our machine immediately when they receive it and install it in their factory. Constant after-sales service is also available via multi-means to save time and energy for clients once they meet any trouble.

Our concerns and cares stay up from macros to micros, from big turn-key project of establishing an entire factory of polymeric insulator production in Africa to every tiny bolt & nut in our machines.

In one word, this is us, Contune International, and  this is what’s worthy your trust.