Electric smart meters


The electric smart meter refers to the electricity meter with multi-function. It measures the energy outage and shows the status of electricity. Usually, electric smart meters provide convenient functions for users, such as pre-paid, AMR (remote reading) and etc.

An electric smart meter is a measuring device that calculates electrical energy usage.

Smart meters are upgraded energy meters for electricity. They will replace ordinary meters in the coming future. In the past, to use and pay to electrical power grids require you to track your own meter readings and submit them to your local power grids to ensure on-time and accurate bills.

Smart meters work by using a secure communication network, it automatically and wirelessly collects your current energy usage to your electricity supplier. With a smart meter, you don’t need to report your own readings regularly or be mal-calculated by some working staff for an estimated volume.

Some of the electric smart meters also come with an in-home display. You may visit the online website or see via the app on your cell phone for real-time information about your power consumption and monthly bills.

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