Porosity Tester of Ceramic Insulators (Dye Penetration Test)

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The insulator porosity test machine is to inspect the porosity property of the HV porcelain insulator under a constant high-pressure environment with dye penetration.

General Details

What is a porosity testing machine?

The porosity tester is to test the porosity property of the porcelain insulator. This tester is designed to inspect if there is a gap, bulb or crack inside ceramic material, which is an important index of quality of ceramic insulator.

How is the porosity test done to a porcelain insulator?

As required in the IEC standard, such a porosity test is necessary. Porcelain insulators are broken into pieces and put into the testing chamber during the test process.

Why the porosity test is also called the dye penetration test?

Because in the test, we use the magenta solution to add water or alcohol to make magenta dye penetrate into the ceramic pores, which is a dyeing process. Therefore, the porosity test is also called the magenta penetration test.

What IEC standard do we follow exactly for the porosity test?

Standard applied:
GB/T 775.1-2006 Test method of insulator
Equivalent to IEC 60383-1
Insulators for overhead lines with nominal voltage above 1000 V; part 1: ceramic or glass insulator units for A.C. systems; definitions, test methods, and acceptance criteria

What types of ceramic insulators are available for the porosity test?

Available for porosity test of:
Ceramic post insulator
Ceramic pin insulator
Ceramic disc insulator

Technical Info
Testing pressure0-35Mpa
Controlling accuracy+2% of Max pressure -1% of Min Pressure
Pressure Control ModeManual control
Operating ModeManual control
Time of pressure holdingAt any length
Testing MediumWater

Default configuration: 1 set of porosity testing machine without air pump
Optional configuration: 1 set of air pump
Total: 11500USD

On-sale price: 9425USD
for porosity testing machine + air pump!

Promotion preriod: 1st.June 2020 – 31th.July 2020
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