Single-Phase Electric Meter with Din rail&WiFi

Single-phase Din Rail WIFI smart electric meter is a measuring device of electricity with smart functions. It has a rail track for easy installation conforming to DIN standards. Also, it has a WIFI module.

General Details

What is a single-phase Din Rail WIFI smart electric meter?

Smart electric meter is also called smart power a measuring device of electricity with smart functions.

What does Single-phase Din Rail WIFI mean for smart power meters?

It has a rail track for easy installation conforming to DIN standards. Also, it has a WIFI module that enables this electric meter to transfer data via a WIFI network. Operators may access the key data such as power consumption volume via WIFI connection.

Who needs this type of smart electric meter?

This smart electrical meter is quite practical for estate holders, house oweners and power utility company. I can be easily installed in the office, shopping mall, commerical budiling, renting houses and etc. And the owners, who provides electricity to their end users, can view the power consumption on the phone with a App (both Android & IOS). In the controlling App, it includes but not limited to daily electricity consumption, weekly electricity consumption, montly electricity consumption, total consumption, balance left, control record, history bill and etc.

Can I cut off the electricity supply if the end users refuse to pay?

Yes, our smart electric meters support such function. When the balance is used up, the meters can automatically cut off the electrical circuit. It’s a physical cut-off from inside, no software cheating methods works. After the users pay, the oweners can click recharge in the App and the power is back on again. The manual switch off is available too.

Do I need to keep the smart electric meters online to read the data? How does it work?

Yes, the remote reading and other actions like switch on/off requires Internet connection. So please keep the power meters connected to local WIFI network and assure the WIFI has Internet access. The data will be firstly transfered to the cloud server, then to the App on the phone, that’s why it requires Internet working.


Technical specifications

Voltage: 130v-265v (wide voltage range, the meter between 130v and 265V can work normally)
electric current: 5 (60) a (reference current 5A, maximum current 60a)
Accuracy class: Level 1
Reference standard: IEC62052-11/IEC62053-21
Frequency: 50Hz
Pulse constant: 1000imp/kWh
Display: LCD 5+1
power waste: < 2W / <10VA @ Un
Load control: Built in 80A magnetic hold relay
Low balance indication: Yellow LED
Pulse indication: Red LED
Starting current: 0.4%Ib
Operating temperature range: – 20℃~70℃
Humidity: < 95%
signal communication: NB iot/4g/wifi optional


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