Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring System

A solar PV monitoring system is a smart controlling system that collects data from solar panels and displays the working condition to the user.

Solar Photovoltaic Monitoring System is a smart controlling system for solar power plants. It collects the major data of solar panels such as voltage, current and etc, summarizes and analyzes the data, then displays the working conditions and statistics on users’ interface. In the controlling panel, users may observe real-time data like how much KW the solar panel is producing, how much electricity it has produced today, and how the efficiency changes in the whole day from morning to night. This is quite helpful for users to know how their solar power generation system works.

Apart from the real-time data and statistics of solar panels, this solar PV monitoring system also can detect the failures of the solar panels. As a solar power plant has perhaps hundreds or even thousands of solar panels, it is very time-consuming to inspect each piece by man. With this solar PV monitoring system, the controlling software will automatically find out the one with abnormal data and warn the user. The user can quickly find out which piece of the solar panel is down and repair/replace it at once so that no electricity is wasted.

Here we call it a solar PV monitoring system, but some people also call this system a Data Acquisition System (DAS). That also makes sense, as in the front end, the electrical voltage, current, are acquired by sensors, then transferred to the gateway, then the controlling server or end device. The sensors have many ways to transfer these data to the gateway. This factor is taken into consideration because normally the solar panels and the gateway are not in the same place, sometimes far, sometimes near, sometimes solar panels are distributed everywhere and belong to one electricity plant.

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