Swing Tester for ABC cable Clamps

The swing test for ABC cable fitting suspension clamps is a mechanical endurance test. It's for ABC fittings under a continuous swinging testing environment.

Swing tester is a type of test equipment applied in electrical labs or workshops. It’s used by manufacturers of power fittings or electrical high voltage researchers. This swing test is to test the endurance of suspension clamps under repeated swing movement for a long period of time.

The swing test shall be carried out with a connection of aluminum, normally an aluminum clamp to hold the ABC suspension clamp (specimen). A conductive rod with a diameter equal to the average diameter of the cable (54,6mm2) should be inserted on the suspension clamp. The load should be applied to the suspension clamp. The load acts through the suspension clamp on the suspension point and must remain constant throughout the test.

This swing test is to be performed after aging test.

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