FRP testing machine for thermal-sock test

Thermal shock test for ceramic disc insulators as per IEC 60383 Clause 15.1 in heated air and cold water with temperature deviation of 50K.

This equipment is designed to perform THERMAL SHOCK TEST for disc insulators. It enables user to test disc insulators with pre-heating process and water immerse tank according to test methods described IEC standard 60383 Clause 15.1.

This test machine provides user a all-in-one testing environment, providing automatic heating function for pre-heat the porcelain disc insulators in the air and a water tank with room temperature (normally 20 degree C) in which the insulators will drop.

The deviation of the temperature between hot and cold medium is 50K.

When the temperature reaches the target value, for example 70 degree C, the machine will stop heating and the bracket that hold the insulators will go down so that the insulator samples can drop into the water with low temperature like 20 degree, same as room temperature in some countries. For some tropical countries like India, or African countries near equator, user shall heat the insulator samples to a higher temperature so that the difference of temperature in two medium can reach 50K.

This thermal shock test is done with test method described in clause 15.1 of international standard 60383-1993.

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