April 5, 2013

Toughen glass disc insulators

Toughen glass insulators supplied by Contune International is disc type insulators. These glass insulators has ball and socket coupling,designed and tested according to IEC standard.

The common types we supply are: U70BS,U70BL,U70BSP,U70BLP,U120BS,U120BL,U120BSP,U120BLP,U160BS,U160BL,U160BSP,U160BLP.

Disc glass insulators are connected to make a string used on power lines,with one end connected to poles by fittings and other end connnected to conductor or cables. The usage of such glass insulators string are mainly devided into 2 types: tension insulator string and suspension insulator string.

glass insulator

Glass Disc Insulator for overhead line

RFQ of disc insulator


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