February 5, 2020

Delivery time may be extended due to coronavirus in China

Early since January 2020, the new type of coronavirus has shown up in China and it is now spreading to a wider range. Without strict control and official recommendation of “stay at home” to the mass majority of people, this coronavirus may have affected more people can cause a bigger loss.

Now China government has extended the holiday of the Chinese spring festival to 10th Feb, which was meant to be over on 4th February originally. Factories are not allowed to begin production, as well as restaurants, are closed to prevent further spreading, only supermarkets are left open to maintain basic living supplies like vegetables, rice, meat and etc.

For us, as a professional manufacturer of electrical equipment, devices and accessories, Countune International Corp, on one hand, has to obey the rules of government that no production is allowed, on the other hand, we still care about the delivery time that is previously agreed to our clients. Now all staff are working at home via remote access, the documentary work, and the Q&A part is still functional.

New clients may feel free to contact for RFQ, new orders and after-sales technical support online for test equipment, production machines of insulators and other electrical accessories.

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