April 1, 2018

Contune Intl Corp will attend IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition 2018 in Denver USA

Contune International Corporation and her collaborating factory will attend IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition in Danver,Colorado,USA from 17th to 19th April.

Our booth no.:907
By our manufacturer name: Zibo Qianheng Automation & Engineering Co.,ltd

Here we have our staff to introduce our testing machines and production machines of composite insulator, ceramic insulator and glass insulator.

  • Testing machines include but not limited to:
    Tensile load testing machine (string/suspension insulator, cable, fitting string),
    Torsion load testing machine (post insulator and pin insulator),
    Cantilever load testing machine (Post/Pin insulator),
    Porosity testing machine (Ceramic insulator),
    Thermal-mechanical testing machine (Polymeric/ceramic/glass insulator),
    Tracking & Erosion testing machine (Polymeric insulator)
    Combined mechanical-electrical testing machine (Ceramic insulator),
    Dye penetration testing machine (Polymeric insulator)
  • While production machine include but not limited to:
    Crimping machine for composite insulator fitting
    Modular machine for composite insulator sheds
    FRP sanding machine for composite insulator FRP/ECR core
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