July 15, 2019

Indian market grows on composite insulator field

As electrical industry grows with bigger demands and supplies, electrical high voltage insulators has entered a new stage of production furious. More and more factories in India, big or small, has smelled the chance and are eager to grasp the profit.

When we talk about power construction, we feel difficult to ignore an important electrical accessory: insulators. Insulators are widely used on high voltage overhead lines to insulate iron tower and ground. It bears the weight of cables and act as a mechanical supporter in lines.In India, apart from glass disc insulator and ceramic insulators, composite insulators are now taking a greater role in Indian power constructions, which attracts hundreds of enterprises to enter the field of insulator production.

In fact, this is not the first year or even not the first period of “insulator mania”. The competition of composite insulator and its relevant components like silicone rubber, metallic fittings and FRP/ECR have already been in a serious status, price of each piece falling to deep down bottom, quality of fittings has been cut while dramatically the technical requirements in public bidding still stays in high level.

Indian people are smart. They know there are still some space of profit of composite insulator in spite of such low price in the market, letting alone other Chinese insulator suppliers coming in and sharing the big pie. They now gradually shift to either search for better and more advanced production machines with high efficiency to cut the cost or build a complete test lab with all essential test facilities to ensure their composite insulator products can carry the value they worth.

In 2018 and 2019, more and more small and medium Indian manufacturers of composite insulators showed interest in production machines from Contune Intl like insulator fitting crimping machine, FRP rod sanding machine, acoustic emission system, as well as big and famous brand in India begun to think about the testing machines like horizontal tensile test machine for long rod insulator, anti-tracking & leakage testing machine for test of silicone rubber, hoping to strengthen their quality control and increase their power in future.

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