April 13, 2013

Porcelain pin type insulators

With semi-conductive glaze on insulator head,our radio free pin type insulators is able to reduce the high electrical stresses and virtually eliminate corona discharges and radio interference. We currently offer low-, medium- and high-voltage pin type insulators that meet all ANSI standards.In ANSI standard,pin type insulators are normally defined as 55 series and 56 series,including:

55-1 pin type insulators,55-2 pin type insulators,55-3 pin type insulators,55-4 pin type insulators,55-5 pin type insulators.

56-1 pin type insulators,56-2 pin type insulators,56-3 pin type insulators,56-4 pin type insulators,56-5 pin type insulators,these insulators are made of porcelain and used on distribution lines below 33KV mainly.

pin type 440x320



Here are specifications and drawings for ANSI 56 series ceramic insulators.

ANSI pin type insulator 56 series

ANSI pin type insulator 56 series


ANSI 55 series insulator

ANSI 55 series insulator

ANSI pin type insulator 56 series

We also produce fog bowl insulators for heavily polluted atmospheres and pin type insulator accroding to BS standard,commonly seen as P-33-Y, P-22-Y,P-15-Y,P-11-Y

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