Insulator Test Machine of Tension & Cantilever

This equipment is applied to mechanical tensile and bending (cantilever) tests of insulators below 36KV with section length less than 1m. It's an economic test solution for the manufacturer of 11/33kV insulators.

General Details

What is a tension & cantilever testing machine?

This testing machine is for mechanical tension tests and cantilever tests of electrical insulators, most of which are below 36kV.

What types of insulators can be used on this test machine?

It has a wide application range, available for pin type composite insulator, tension composite insulator, suspension composite insulator, ceramic pin type insulator, ceramic disc insulator, glass disc insulator.

What types of tests shall we do on these insulators? And why?

As requested in the technical standard of high voltage electrical insulators like IEC, ANSI, DIN, and BS, mechanical tension load test shall be applied on tension insulator and suspension insulators (disc insulator is also used as suspension/tension insulator), while for pin type insulator cantilever breaking load test is an essential test and significant index to inspect the quality.

How does this tension & cantilever testing machine do the tests on insulators?

This machine is multi-functional. It provides a tensile load test function and cantilever (bending) test function. In the vertical direction, users are able to mount insulator specimens and do tensile tests, as shown in the figure. To perform a cantilever test, pin type insulator shall be installed and fixed on the testing platform with its metal pin and a moving beam will go in a horizontal direction to test its cantilever load. Users can define the testing process whether it’s a withstand test or breaking test.

What’s the advantage of the tension & cantilever testing machine?

By using the servo-control method, it has the advantage of high efficiency, fast and accurate in performing tests. And its specific design allows users to mount insulator specimens easily and fast, with 2 sets of free substitute fittings of ball & socket/tongue and clevis for different mechanical load and dimensions of insulators.

Can we do the test the way we want?

Yes, absolutely. Computer control allows user to customize their own test process of different mechanical load, withstand time, and result of which can be displayed, printed, very convenient to use.

What’s the difference between a ” tension & cantilever testing machine” and a “Cantilever & torsion testing machine”?

They are different machines serving different purposes and insulators.
For a tension & cantilever testing machine, it’s used on 11kv/33kv tension insulators and pin/post insulators, as tension insulators require tensile tests, while pin/post insulators require cantilever tests (bending tests). It has a tensile testing length of 1 meter, adapting the length of 11/33kV insulators.
While for a cantilever & torsion testing machine, it’s much bigger in size. It’s used for insulators with higher voltage and bigger sizes. For example, a 132kV line post insulator is quite big and it has a specified mechanical cantilever load of 11kN, which only such a big test machine can do the test on. And for even bigger insulators, like 400kV ceramic station post insulators, they have a length up to 4 meters or even higher, these station post insulators require torsion tests because they are used in power stations. So under such circumstances, only the cantilever & torsion testing machine is suitable for such type and size of insulators.

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Technical Info

Model. CT-TBT100
Max Tensile load: 100kN
Max Cantilever load: 20 kN
Cantilever stroke: 200mm
Valid range of strength measured: 5%~100%FS
Accuracy of strength measurement: Better than ┬▒1%
Testing speed: 0~ 400mm/min
Accuracy of deformation measurement: Better than 1%
Accuracy of displacement measurement: Better than 1%
Valid space of tension: 0-1000mm(can be customized)
Valid space of compression: 1000mm(can be customized)
Width of frame: 500mm
Dimension of main body(L*W*H): 1150*1300*2400mm
Power consumption: 3kW


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