Cantilever & torsion tester is called “Bending and torsion testing machine”. It’s used for mechanical bending and torsion test of post insulator.

General Details

This machine is mainly applied to perform cantilever (bending) and torsion testing of post insulator, including composite post type insulator, composite pint type insulator, ceramic post type insulator, ceramic pin type insulator.

This machine is multi-functional, for both cantilever test and torsion test. Vertical structure of this testing machine is applied for easy installation and assembly of spare parts, and also it is better to simulate real using environment of post insulators either in power substation or overhead transmission lines.

The machine is composed of main body, measuring system and data processing system controlled by computer. By using software control, the testing procedure is performed easily and smoothly, with accurate testing data and curve automatically drawn, results can be saved and printed. Servo motor is applied in loading system enables it to perform tests continuously as preset and user just have to put on the specimens. It can also automatically monitor the testing force , speed of loading, maintain peek force and etc. Overload protection and deflection protection are two main functions during testing process. Testing result is saved after tests which can be recalled and printed.

This cantilever & torsion tester has two types: Horizontal type and vertical type.  Figures show the vertical tester, as this type is used more by manufacturers of insulator and electrical laboratories due to it’s convenience of specimen mounting.

To adapt different section length of post insulator, height of this tester is customizable.

Technical Info

Max testing force: 50kN
Testing range and accuracy
50kN Sensor: Testing range:1-100%, accuracy: better than±1%
Testing force accuracy
Constant speed control of force
Pressure holding accuracy: ±1% of value set
Control range of force under constant speed 0.1~100%FS/min
Controlling range: 2~100%FS
Force can be set in above cited range and hold pressure
Bending test can be done in 4 direction
Max torque: 10kN.m
Torsion test accuracy: ±1%
Rotatable calibration: no restriction
Rotatable angel: 4 direction
Measuring accuracy of torsion: less than 0.1°

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    We need torque test for our 132KV sation post insulator,please send catalog of test machine.

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