Silicone rubbr material for 33KV polymer insulators

Silicon rubber is the material of the external insulation of polymer insulators. This silicon rubber material is for 33kV OHTL polymer insulators.

General Details

33kV polymer insulator has a polymer housing with a silicon rubber material. The silicon rubber material plays an important role in its external insulation.

Thus the good quality of raw material will largely influence the performance of polymer insulators (also called composite insulators).

This product is for 33kV insulators, with special optimization in its portion, this type of silicon rubber is quite suitable for insulator manufacturers’ mass production.

The silicon rubber sample has been taken to electrical labs to do the tests, both mechanical and electrical properties have passed the acceptance criteria of IEC standard, like:

  • mechanical extension rate,
  • hydrophobicity performance
  • HT(hydrophobicity transfer)
  • anti-UV aging
  • anti-acid erosion.

Moreover, it has been proved by the fact that in China mainland, hundreds of insulators manufactures have applied this rubber on their products and for years these composite insulators have kept a good running record.

There are multi-options for the colors of rubber materials: grey, red, blue, yellow, or other.

RTV and HTV are also available:

RTV rubber: room-temperature vulcanization silicon rubber

HTV: high-temperature vulcanization silicon rubber

According to different production methods, for example, with a rubber injection machine or with plain vulcanization machine, users shall choose suitable silicone rubber materials. Please contact us for more details and prices.

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Technical Info

Name: Silicon rubber

Application: for production of 33kV polymer insulators

Mechanical test approval: passed

Electrical test approval: passed

Color available: red, grey, yellow, blue, other

Types available: HTV, RTV

MOQ: 1 x 20′ container


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