Thermal-Mechanical Stress Testing Machine

The thermal-mechanical stress test is a sample test for composite insulators and porcelain insulators required in IEC. It tests insulators with the cycling of high temperatures and low-temperature environments.

  1. General Details

    What is the thermal-mechanical testing machine?

    The thermal-mechanical testing machine is designed to test the thermal-mechanical performance of the string insulator.


    How are insulators tested in this thermal-mechanical test?

    Insulators are loaded into the cabinet under room temperature. During the test, insulator units shall be subjected to four 24-hour cycles of cooling and heating, and to a tensile load equal to 60% of the specified electromechanical or mechanical failing load(as per IEC 383).

    How many types of thermal-mechanical testing machines do you have?

    Currently, we have 2 types of structure:
    Vertical type
    Horizontal type


    What specimens are available in this test?

    Specimen available:
    Ceramic insulator
    Glass insulator

  2. Technical info

    Standard applied:


    – IEC 61109:1992,MOD ; GB/T19519-2004

    “Composite insulators for AC. overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000V-Definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria”


    – IEC/TR 60575:1997 ; GB/T22708—2008

    “Thermal-mechanical performance test and mechanical performance test on string insulator units”

    Model Specification

    Maximum load strength100kN200kN500kN600kN1000kN
    Valid measuring range of load(KN)2%~100%
    Measuring accuracy of loadIn the range of ±2% of the indicated value
    Range of testing speedElectro-hydraulic servo control 1~30N/mm2.S-1
    Measuring accuracy of deformationBetter than ±1%
    Measuring accuracy of displacementBetter than ±1%
    Valid tensile space0~5m According to the requirement of the customer
    Valid compression space0~5m According to the requirement of the customer
    Width between the two upright columns700mm800mm900mm1200mm
    Maximum diameter of insulatorФ300mmФ400mmФ500mmФ550mmФ600mm
    Internal dimension of high-low temperature chamber400X400X2500mm650X650X3500mm1000X800X4200mm
    Temperature of high-low temperature chamber-60°C~+100°C
    Chucking modeThread connection
    Protective functionElectronic limit protection function/

    Automotive protective function when the load exceeds for 3% of the maximum load

    Configurations of the testing softwareOne set of CTS-600 testing software, TestWorld 5.0
    Power consumption7.5KW11KW15KW


    Temperature controllableYes
    Tensile load strength controllableYes
    Easy to operateYes
    Accurate in temperature controlYes
    Computer live displayYes
    Multi-functional for auto-recording, saving and printing curve and reportsYes




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