July 9, 2020

Upgrade of crimping machine: more function, better appearance

With the world’s recovery from COVID-19 epidemic situation, manufacturers of composite insulators become active again. The first batch of upgraded polymer insulator crimping machines is about to go overseas to India Hyderabad.

In the first half of this year, we have been dedicated to R&D of new appearance and optimized function of current testing machines and production line equipment of HV composite insulators. And after several modifications to design and repeated trails, we Contune International Corp finally located the new design of CTCPM-140AS crimping machine.

New crimping machine CTCPM-140AS

crimping machine CTCPM-140AS for 11kV 33kV polymer insulators

This machine is suitable for quick production of 11/33kV composite insulators, which has a maximum opening diameter of 215mm, bigger than many simple crimping machines in the Chinese market. A bigger opening diameter means wider adaptability of insulator types. In some districts, users need to produce 33kV station post type insulators with a big flange, and this machine is quite suitable for that, enable users to take in and out without difficulty.

  • Upgrade of screen and interface

The new CTCPM-140AS insulator crimping machine has an upgraded floating touchable screen compared to the embedded screen of the previous model CTCPM-140. The side of the screen is now bigger, easier for users to watch and use, the software interface has also been upgraded with bigger and modern buttons and more simple logic in settings.

  • Another new function added to CTCPM-140AS is the back stopper.

It is a switch in the back of the back which users can hold the insulators to push against. When this physical switch is pushed, crimping dies will close automatically. This function brings much convenience in helping operators to ensure the crimping positions on the metallic fittings remain the same depth and position from the top ball & socket fitting, especially for new manufacturers of 11/33kV composite insulators with no much experience. The back stopper function is usually seen on some European crimping machine at a very high price, now it is available on the Chinese machine with a more competitive price.

The third new feature is the semi-automatic lubrication system.

In most Chinese simple insulator making machines, users need to do the maintenance work after a period of use. Users should inject lubricant oil into some position like bearing to maintain the lifespan of the machine. Yes, that’s a common practice, but we desire to offer more.

In our newly upgraded machine, a semi-automatic lubrication system is included. It will automatically inject a certain volume of lubricating oil after it detects a certain quantity of crimps. Users will just need to oil manually to a very few points. This upgrade helps users to save much time and trouble in production, bringing higher production capacity and preventing the case that some users may ignore or forget the maintenance work, greatly extends the life span of the machine and reduces the cost of the factory.

For high ambient temperature of India, we specifically take this into consideration to ensure the machine can work in good condition in summer, where highest temperature can reach up to 45 degrees in some areas like Hyderabad. We offer air cooling and hydraulic cooling system for user’s option.

We will still be working on more innovation and optimization of all our production equipment and test equipment of electrical components. To know more of this machine, simply go through below link:


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