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Tracking & Erosion tester is used for tests of silicon rubber shed and hoursing of electrical polymeric insulator. It is to test the anti-trancking and erosion ablility of its silicon rubber material as per IEC or DIN EN standard under simulation of acid-erosive rain environment with contaminated liquid.

  1. General Details

    Tracking & Erosion testing machine is desgined for silicon rubber shed and polymeric hoursing of electrical composite insulator. It is to test the anti-trancking and erosion ablility of silicon rubber material. The testing methods and acceptance criteria shall subject to “9.3 Tests of shed and housing material” in IEC 62217-2012 “Plymeric insulators for indoor and outdoor use with a nominal voltage > 1000V – General definitions, test methods and acceptance criteria”.


  2. Technical Info

    Specifications of Tracking erosion testing machine 2019 new upgraded type

    1. Electrode:
    Thickness: 0.5mm ; Material: Stainless steel 304
    2. Distance between upper electrode and lower electrode: 50.0mm±01%
    3. Testing voltage: 100V-6000V adjustment in 3 levels
    4. Voltage conditioner:
    Output: 0-250V adjustable ; Capacity: 5KVA
    5. Transformer:
    Capacity: 5KVA ; Max output voltage: AC6000V ( or DC6000V as alternative)
    6. High precision voltage stabilizer:
    Output: AV220V ; Power: 6000W, accuracy: 1%
    7. Voltage output cut off at circuit current of 60mA
    8. Time of testing: 6 hours
    9. Accuracy of dropping liquid: 0.5%
    10. Stability of voltage: ±1%
    11. Adjustment of tracking: According to IEC60587-2007, specimen is set under voltage of 2.5KV,3.5KV,4.5KV and certain flow of polluted liquids, no overcurrent under 60mA in 6 hours, then test passes.
    12. Device of dropping liquids: peristaltic pump with high precision, flow range 0.005 to 20 ml/min, accuracy: <0.5%
    13. Output voltage: AC/DC switchable
    14. Number of tests: 5 sets
    15. Controlling device: Brand PLC and touch board with advantage of precise control and easy operation, personalized design, reports will be automatically created after tests and tests result can be print on thermal printer.
    16. Volume of working space: L*W*H:800*570*800 (mm) ; cubage 0.6 CBM
    17. Case of equipment: cold-roll steel sheets with spraying plastics treatment (stainless steel as alternative option)
    18. Groove of polluted liquids: High quality stainless steel 316L with sealing device
    19. Dimension of equipment: L* W*H:1620*1000*1850 (mm)
    20. Total weight: about 450KG

    1. Please send offer of test equipment of anti-tracking sample test of HTV silicon rubber,thanks

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