Tracking & Erosion Tester of Composite Insulators

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Tracking & Erosion tester is used for tests of silicon rubber shed and housing of electrical polymeric insulators. It is to test the anti-tracking and erosion ability of its silicon rubber material as per IEC or DIN EN standard.

  1. General Details

    What is a tracking & Erosion testing machine?

    The tracking & Erosion testing machine is a test machine for polymeric insulators. It is designed to inspect the anti-tracking and anti-erosion performance of HTV silicon rubber of the insulators.  The testing methods and acceptance criteria shall subject to “9.3 Tests of shed and housing material” in IEC 62217-2012 “Polymeric insulators for indoor and outdoor use with a nominal voltage > 1000V – General definitions, test methods, and acceptance criteria”.


  2. Technical Info

    Specifications of Tracking erosion testing machine 2019 new upgraded type

    1. Electrode:
    Thickness: 0.5mm; Material: Stainless steel 304
    2. Distance between the upper electrode and the lower electrode: 50.0mm±01%
    3. Testing voltage: 100V-6000V adjustment in 3 levels
    4. Voltage conditioner:
    Output: 0-250V adjustable ; Capacity: 5KVA
    5. Transformer:
    Capacity: 5KVA ; Max output voltage: AC6000V ( or DC6000V as alternative)
    6. High precision voltage stabilizer:
    Output: AV220V ; Power: 6000W, accuracy: 1%
    7. Voltage output cut off at circuit current of 60mA
    8. Time of testing: 6 hours
    9. Accuracy of dropping liquid: 0.5%
    10. Stability of voltage: ±1%
    11. Adjustment of tracking: According to IEC60587-2007, the specimen is set under voltage of 2.5KV,3.5KV,4.5KV and certain flow of polluted liquids, no overcurrent under 60mA in 6 hours, then test passes.
    12. The device of dropping liquids: peristaltic pump with high precision, flow range 0.005 to 20 ml/min, accuracy: <0.5%
    13. Output voltage: AC/DC switchable
    14. Number of tests: 5 sets
    15. Controlling device: Brand PLC and touch board with the advantage of precise control and easy operation, personalized design, reports will be automatically created after tests and tests result can be print on a thermal printer.
    16. Volume of working space: L*W*H:800*570*800 (mm) ; cubage 0.6 CBM
    17. Case of equipment: cold-roll steel sheets with spraying plastics treatment (stainless steel as alternative option)
    18. The groove of polluted liquids: High-quality stainless steel 316L with sealing device
    19. The dimension of equipment: L* W*H:1620*1000*1850 (mm)
    20. Total weight: about 450KG

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    1. Please send offer of test equipment of anti-tracking sample test of HTV silicon rubber,thanks

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