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Content of IEC 61284:1997 Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings

International standard IEC 61284:1997 “Overhead lines – Requirements and tests for fittings” has defined requirements and test methods of electrical fittings (line hardware) for overhead lines. The complete IEC standard includes English and French language version, it’s too long and a little difficult for quick explore. Here we quote the content of IEC 61284 for […]

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Metallic Line Accessory (Fittings)

Contune International supply metal accessories for overhead lines,including transmission line,power distribution line and substation line. Our line accessories are mainly conform with IEC standard or Australia Standard. Material of our line fittings are steel ,stainless steel and aluminum or copper. For the steel items,they are all hot dip galvanized for anti-erosion. The oh-line accessories supplied […]

Overhead line fittings