October 18, 2020

Hot sale of Porosity tester in Pakistan

The electrical industry grows steadily in Pakistan with the rising demand of electricity. Not only for civil use, but also for industrial such as manufacturing, transportation, and etc. As a vital part of electrical overhead lines, high voltage insulators are largely required accordingly.

In Pakistan, the majority of insulators are in porcelain material. These ceramic insulators are widely accepted and applied in various situation all over the country. Instead of stepping into the age of polymer insulators, Pakistan would like to choose something that has a good running record, mature in application, and cheap price to get.

The porosity testing machine is also welcomed in Pakistan, which is an essential test equipment for ceramic insulators. Complying with the test methods of ANSI 29.1 and IEC, the porosity testing machine is designed to test if there are tiny gaps or bubs inside the insulators. It tests the insulator with high liquid pressure performed on the fragment of insulators, and if any, the dye will penetrated into these tiny gaps so that inspector would visually see.

Apart from other testing machines for insulators, this porosity testing machine is particularly welcomed by Pakistan manufacturers and laboratories. The convenient use, easy observation, low maintenance cost are charming to many buyers, and of course, a good price is also quite attractive.

This year 2020, despite of the COVID situation, we still received orders from Pakistan. And thanks to the good relationship between Pakistan and China, the Pakistani clients get even bigger discount.

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Porosity Tester of Ceramic Insulators (Dye Penetration Test)

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